Saturday, February 7, 2009

9th Grade State Tourn

Today we had the 9th Grade State Tournament. We did well. We brought home 3rd and 4th place medals along with more experience under our belts.

Grant Mueller did great.
He lost his first match 4-2 to Patrick Rooney.
He wrestled Jake Toedter and lost 8-4 match.

Tim Swanson
1st Round Forfeit
Wrestled Chaz Roush Won 3-0
Wrestled Johnny Dill Lost 6-0
Wrestled Nathan Beehler Won 2-1
Getting 3rd Place

Austin Kidrowski
Wrestled Jordan Reeves Won 4-1
Wrestled Cole Bakke Won 9-2
Wrestled Cody Piper Lost 6-4 in OT
Did not wrestle for 3rd place due to injury default.
Getting 4th Place

Great Job guys today.

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